Reply To: Frustration

June 27, 2012 at 7:20 pm

The facility she is in is called a rehab/continuing care center, they are not quite a nursing home but also not a real hospital either, our city tends to dump the older patients who can’t afford more care there and it is a joke. Since she has been there she has developed other problems including a fistulla (not sure on spelling) and that is really keeping her in pain. She trys and trys to get up and in her chair but needs pain meds to help be able to do it because of how bad it hurts. The nurses say fine we will give her pain meds and be back when they kick in to help her up into her chair, well, they either come back in 10min. when they haven’t had time to go into effect or they wait 3 to 4 hrs till when they are wearing off and mom doesn’t feel like it because the pain is returning then. I have been doing range of motion with her legs because they won’t do it no matter how much I ask them too, they say they don’t have time and now for the second time they have canceled or pushed back her IVIG treatments which make it even worse.. so frustrating.