Reply To: Finding a new doctor in Nassasu County NY

September 14, 2012 at 5:01 pm

Not sure if this helps you but i see a doctor in lower manhattan for CIDP. he isnt a specialist in it but is a really great doctor. And he takes insurance unlike most good doctors. His name is Dr. Anthony Geraci ( I have been seeing him for the last year and a half and put me on IVIG for a six month regiment. When i was originally diagnosed i think i spent two hours going over everything with him. When i was on my regiment he had me come in every month or two to see how i was responding. Since i did well i go in every 4-5 months for a check up. Recently he gave me nerve conductivity tests (one year after i saw him) and found that i am relapsing and will have to go back on the regiment soon. But since i havent shown too many symptons he was to treat that versus treating the test. So in three months i will go back and see him. So he is very good on working with you and treating you to how you feel. He doesnt just write the prescription for no reason. It may be worth the trip. Hope this helps.