Reply To: Feel Like Crap

March 8, 2012 at 1:44 am

Hey Haynes
A cold wipes me out and brings on some of my residuals. Rest up and save the superman stuff for when you get over the cold.

You are taking antibiotics, so I recommend you take a probiotic (a yogurt isn’t enough). Antibiotics can lead to developing a bad gut, something that has been linked to GBS.

A reduction in the med could cause some serious side effects. Might not be a bad thing that you are getting off the stuff, but you may need to taper off very slowly.

From wiki regarding gabapentin withdrawal:

Gabapentin should not be discontinued abruptly after long term use. Abrupt or over rapid withdrawal may provoke a withdrawal syndrome reminiscent to alcohol or benzodiazepine withdrawal.[34][35] Gradual reduction over a period of weeks or months helps minimize or prevents the withdrawal syndrome.[34]

Side effects upon discontinuation of gabapentin that have been reported in medical literature include insomnia, restlessness, agitation, anxiety, disorientation, confusion, light sensitivity, diaphoresis, headaches, palpitations, hypertension, chest pain, and flu-like symptoms.[34][36][37][38] In at least one case, abrupt cessation of a high dose of gabapentin triggered a seizure in an individual with no history of epilepsy.[37]”

Stay cool man. Get some vids, rest and sleep until you feel better. If this seems more serious -like GBS is kicking up again- get yourself to a hospital.