Reply To: Electric Shocks anyone??

February 24, 2012 at 9:12 pm

Wow.. well i’m sorry yall feel these too, but I guess i’m glad i’m not a freak of nature when it comes to that symptom!! 🙂 Dick S/lori- Coudln’t explain it better, though I can’t say i’ve ever held a chainsaw while on.. that vibrating/buzzing feeling that Lori talks about was one of my first symptoms and most annoying! I always refer to it as the “crawl out of my skin” sensation.. but have also said shoulders do this a lot.. and face sometimes too!
Goodney.. I remember having the shocks down my back and thought it was strange.. it wasn’t until I got them again before this next relapse that I realized they preceeded the big storm that happened.. it’s so strange!!!!

I am trying to decrease stress.. but gosh with full time work, kids and most of all THIS it’s really hard to.. this is really the only thing that stresses me out.. and this while trying to resume a semi functional life with this whole thing.. and for me (and all of us on here), not knowing where this will lead is especially stressful for me.. It’s hard to plan .. though I know no one knows what tomorrow will bring.. with a chronic illness it is a little, well a lot more worrisome of what the coming months will bring.. especially with everything happnening so fast in the past few months, it’s a lot!