Reply To: Electric Shocks anyone??

February 23, 2012 at 4:31 am

exosurf, thanks for your reply! Glad to hear i’m not alone, but I”m sorry that you feel these too!!! As far as the creepy crawly sensations.. that was one of my first symptoms.. I coudlnt’ sleep at night.. it felt as if my leg and arms were asleep/lack of awareness of where they were .. I could go to sleep no problem, but would constantly wake up trying to “shake” the sleepy limbs back awake… it was initially just stocking glove (short ones) distribution, but then crept up all the way to my lower face.. I went about 3 months not sleeping .. and I had a baby too, so I hadn’t gotten sleep in a while! I finally had to take lyrica and it saved me!!!! I feel it the second it wears off.. It’s just a sensation of wanting to crawl out of my skin! I also can’t stand the feeling of socks, shirts etc on my arms and legs.. I used to wear tall socks, and sleeves that were tight on my arms.. but i just can’t do it anymore.. Yea, it is amazing how poorly nerves/muscle issues are understood!