Reply To: DX-Ployneuritis of Unknown etiology?

September 15, 2012 at 8:31 pm

Almost 2 years now Kelly! It started about 1-3 weeks after my most recent bout with the flu.I have always been very quick to catch colds & flus, have swollen lymph nodes & get random infections. It started with minor muscle twitches & progressed from there. I’m now on Neurontin & Ativan for Neurological symptoms, Propranolol for heart rate issues & tremor & prilosec & zantac for GI issues. I been tested from here to the moon & finally had a heavy metal toxicology blood test(doctor said it would most likely come back normal & handed me a script reading: (EMG/NCV) exams on all 4 extremities

DX-Ployneuritis of unknown etiology.

My Neuro exam is for Oct 17th.