February 22, 2012 at 3:43 am

Thanks so much yall!!! I really really appreciate yalls help!!!
Dawn Kevies mom – that is interesting about the progressive or relapsing forms responding differnetly to the IVIG.. Mine had seemed to be progressive I though, however after this last “episode” it obviously felt like a relapse and made me look back and it did seem to hit then plataeu and hit again!
Thanks for the dosage info too! I appreciate it!

It’s also interesting that yall are on a six week loading dose, down here (in tx at my infusion center), I havne’t met anyone on that.. Is that something that MAYO does? It all makes sense.. and I could defintely see it being nice not having to get it so frequently! I met someone who gets A LOT once a week.. I would be recovering from it constantly I feel like!
Lori- I like your theory!! I think that makes a lot of sense, that it came on fairly quickly therefore less permanet damage is done and can be reversed quicker! I just am praying that this round works well.. I am still defintely better off in a lot of ways than i was in the beginning of december, and worse in some ways too- it’s all so strange! Overall I am defintely feeling better even at my “worst” .. but I have had more difficulty walking this past week it was pretty crazy! I guess I’ll just await that hopeful “desired response” for a few days!!! So nerve wracking!!!