February 23, 2012 at 4:49 am

Lori 222-How does one know if they have the progressive or relapsing form of CIDP? What are the differences?
Dawn Kevies Mom–I thought the maintenance dose of IVIG was 0.4 gm/kg? I get 25 gms every 10 days. I am about 120 lbs. But you mentioned “a little less then 1 gm/kg.” I did get the 2gm/kg over 5 days as my loading dose at the very beginning. But now I get 0.4gm/kg. Could I get more than the 0.4 gm/kg? Does anyone know–does IVIG ever lose it’s effectiveness ever? I feel that I am getting more paresthesia now, more aches, electric shocks. Do I need more IVIG? I think my doctor is more interested in how the IVIG is maintaining my strength; although my weakness of my legs come and goes. Does this intermittent weakness mean I need more IVIG? Sorry to ask so many questions, my doctor does not offer a lot of information about CIDP.