Reply To: cidp pain relief…HELP !!!

March 17, 2013 at 5:56 pm

It’s impossible to compare one person’s pain to another’s. I had considerable pain in my legs in the hospital, and was taking oxy meds for it. But when I started recovery I went off them cold turkey. I didn’t like the side effects and didn’t want to develop a dependency. Two years out, I still have pain in my feet and I still take nothing. When they hurt too much to walk, I just get off them for awhile and put them up if I can. At my level of pain, I can just live with it.

However, my case is different. I am in remission. If you are still taking IvIg, you must have a chronic condition, so I can’t really compare. Ending the active phase of CIDP is necessary to begin to recover from the pain, I think.

I do think it is not a good idea to take any more pain meds than are absolutely necessary, but that’s a matter that must be discussed with your doctor.