Reply To: CIDP–new treatments??

September 4, 2012 at 10:39 pm

It is typical of promoters of quack remedies to claim that “doctors don’t know about it,” or some such thing. When doctors don’t know about a treatment, it is generally because it has not been shown to have any medical value. That does not mean that there are not new treatments of merit to be found, only that before they can be considered medicine they must be shown to be safe and effective by the customary protocols of scientific research.
If there is indeed a “huge volume of growing evidence” for dietary treatment of autoimmune disease, somebody ought to be able to cite just one research study in this area so we can see in what regard it is held by the medical community.
I am aware of work being done at the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University evaluating Vitamin B12 and alpha lipoic acid as treatments for peripheral neuropathy. I take these supplements myself, but their benefit is entirely speculative. I don’t make any claims because these can be supported only by scientific research, not anecdotes.