Reply To: CIDP EMG/NCV shows no demylenation

May 14, 2012 at 2:56 am

I have been diagnosed with CIDP as well, but it is atypical. I had three emg’s in four or five months of each other. The first one showed obvious demylenation around my knee (it was my first area I noticed symptoms, but apparently this is a common location for demylenation).. and all my nerves on the ncv were slow (neuro said like a 90 year old and I am31.. however like kelly said- they did not warm up my fingers or toes.
The 2nd emg they warmed my extremities up in hot hot water (so i wonder if it can effect it the other way)… they didn’t recheck my knee so we don’t know if I had any demylenation on that one, however it was completely normal even in my weakest areas (they were baffled).. The 3rd emg done by the ALS neuro clinic at UTSW was completely normal as well (they warmed up my extremities as well) by this point i was REALLY weak all over (more proximal weakness than distal, however my hands were pretty bad- completely paralyzed “floppy” finger tips of all fingers).. I was admitted into the hospital for a week and given IVIG which has almost completely reversed my symptoms.. (my LP showed upper limit of normal protein first one and elevated 2nd- though I had meningitis from teh IVIG the 2nd one so who knows if that was accurate). Anyhow.. IVIG is working wonders on me.. when I get sick or go 3 weeks in between I can barely walk, swallow hold things at times.. it’s truely amazing!
Markens- that is a great theory i think! Good luck Fred!