Reply To: catheter for plasma exchange

February 20, 2012 at 12:29 pm

Lori, The Methodist Hospital Blood Center here in Houston started using a newer model PE machine a few months ago. When they began the PE cycle on the older machines, I noticed a pronounced chemical odor and taste; I think the old machines “slugged” the chemicals into my system. The control system for the new machines seems to do a much better job in easing the chemicals into my system. I do get the odor and taste, but it is very faint. The chemical odor and taste doesn’t produce the vasovagal response; but it does seem I’m more susceptible on the older machines. I generally feel much better and recover much more quickly when I am hooked up to the newer machines.

I’m not sure what PE machine they are using for your procedures, but you might want to keep a journal and see if you can see any trends that might help you …