Reply To: B-12 deficiency & CIDP

November 20, 2012 at 2:02 pm

My wife and I were in an automobile accident 7 weeks ago. A 16 year old blew a traffic signal on a 50 mph highway we were crossing to enter into our subdivision. The crash was so violent our Outback ended up upside-down. My wife’s pelvis was broken in 5 places and she is still in pain and recovering. I was treated and released by our local hospital, but she was taken by ambulance to a Houston trauma center. I started experiencing headaches, dizziness, and weakness in my legs a week after the accident and went to my neurologist. He ran a battery of tests and the MRI/MRA revealed I had a subdural bleeding. I have had some concentration issues since the accident (concussion related). The reasons I post this are: 1) any additional trauma is extra tough on CIDP patients; avoid it if at all possible; 2)  we owe our lives to side curtain impact air bags (and Subaru vehicles crash ratings); and 3) we are so thankful for our family, church family, and friends who have provided for us during this accident and our God. I realize how blessed I am to have my wife and how much she does for me; taking care of her, cooking, cleaning, laundry, bathing, house work, has worn me out. This Thanksgiving our kids are cooking for us; our kids are wonderful.

I continue to have 2 plasma exchanges on back to back Fridays every 6 weeks. I continue to lift weights, but my walking has gone down since the accident.  I’ve gained weight (due to the accident and the great meals our friends have provided (and the desserts; we usually don’t eat much dessert)); the extra weight has increased my BP.

Praying healing for you all and a blessed holiday with your families.