Reply To: Asking for an undiagnosed friend

February 25, 2012 at 12:50 am

hi pe teacher, I remember you from a long time ago!! We had the constipation problem, then a urination problem and finally breathing which wound us up in picu for 10 days till we could get ivig (was a shortage) Has the er done a spinal yet? We had our spinal done in the er, our not yet doc had spoken to me over the phone and agreed to see us because we had been through3 other neuros. He was out of town and felt we could not wait because it was moving upwards quickly, difficulty walking, holding things, constipation, urinating issues and now the breathing. So he set it up at the er, we went, they were waiting and boom, elevated protein, picu for ten days, not able to walk. So since he is a frequent visitor maybe they will consider.