Reply To: Any trouble singing??

October 7, 2013 at 10:10 pm

Hi Northernguitar Guy,

Thanks for replying to my post. Playing guitar is very important to me. I really want my playing to return to its former level, if that’s possible.

You mention that it takes a while to warm up nowadays. After warming up, can you play as well as you used to? Are your hands as fast. And what style of music do you play? I play a sort of hybrid influenced by blues, funk, rock, and bossa nova.

When I had MFS, I did not notice hand problems at the time and could still write/feed myself etc when in hospital for ten days with six days of IVG. I had the ‘classic’ trio of double vision, ataxia, and loss of tendon reflexes. And also general fatigue. The double vision is 99% better, the ataxia has largely gone, reflexes are back but there are still problems. There is extreme fatigue, along with tingling (signifying nerve repair, I believe, so I’m not too worried about this), times with muscle tightness and some nausea. This fatigue is also affecting my playing it has made everything much less enjoyable, including music.

Do you mind me asking if you had MFS or GBS? And when the condition was at its most severe, were your hands affected?

Thanks again for your information in your reply.