Reply To: anemia

April 8, 2012 at 9:05 pm

Hey Lori – Emily is doing really well! Thank you for asking. She’s skating in a competition with her precision team next weekend & a solo competition on Mother’s Day. It’s going to be the BEST Mother’s Day present watching her skate. The Easter Bunny brought her a new bike today & she is beyond thrilled. She’s been riding her bike every day for the last few weeks (loving spring this year in MI!) & it’s also helping with her skating jumps. Her hips were really affected by her CIDP & the bike riding has been great at loosening up those muscles again. Now that she has a bike that is the right size I’m sure it will help even more!

Have you tried also adding iron rich foods to your diet? Emily isn’t a meat eater so she eats lots of spinach, potatoes, etc. Here is a list of iron rich foods that I find helpful:

How are your potassium levels? Emily has naturally low potassium & so she has to eats lots of foods to help with that too.

Happy Easter!