Reply To: An update from emitch74…

March 11, 2012 at 5:33 am

Thanks all for the kind words and encouragement.


My “maintenance drug” is Cellcept (500mg in AM and 1000mg in PM). I am receiving no other treatments at this time and haven’t since June of 2010.


My CIDP affected my entire body from the neck down. I could barely move my legs at all and my arms were so weak that I couldn’t pick up a can of pop next to my dinner tray.


I am truly humbled to hear that my story helped keep you positive while dealing with your own condition and the struggles that come with it. In my own experience, staying positive didn’t work for me until I started getting positive results. The staff at both the nursing home and the hospital both swore that I was satan’s spawn because I was a real pain in the ass when my condition was plummeting by the day. I admire people who found ways to stay positive despite not getting the results they wanted because I was unable to do it myself.

To answer your question regarding my PE treatments, I started to feel a significant difference in my strength after the 2nd treatment. From that point on, I haven’t had a single setback in 2 years.

I was always told by PTs and my neuro that I shouldn’t push myself too hard with this condition but I never listened to them. My transformation wouldn’t have been nearly this dramatic if I had simply heeded their advice.

Thank you guys again for the kind words.