Reply To: Abdomen and Chest Pain

August 3, 2013 at 6:02 am

Eric, so glad to hear you are getting better; your experience sounds much worse than my husbands. His symptoms came on over almost a 4 week period. I don’t know if that means his damage is more permanent. Regarding progress, we were initially looking at one week periods, but I think your idea of looking at progress in two week periods is a good idea, thank you – less discouraging. Mentioned your suggestion of sitting up straight – he agrees it helps but only for a short time. We are trying alternate methods such as acupuncture (which helps calm him, and the acupuncturist is addressing the ‘band’), and cold laser therapy on his arms and hands; they are really coming ‘alive’ with pins and needles and barbed wire – hopefully this means the nerves are repairing. Good luck and keep on keeping on!