Reply To: 3rd IVIG not as effective?/relapse?

February 15, 2012 at 12:42 pm

Hello there- I am glad to hear you are having your ivig adjusted – hope that helps! Keep in mind that the dosing and schedule of IVIG is more an art form than a science and that every person responds differently and treatments need to be individualized. I myself am getting an extra treatment this week despite my normal 10 day schedule due to multiple colds/ viruses setting me back so even when you are in more of a steady state , sometimes changes need to be made. The most important thing I think is that your treating neurologist listens to you , and is willing to work with you. Only you know how your body feels. You will be in a partnership for the foreseeable future with this doctor and having 2 way communication is so important. Hang in there and keep asking questions!