reply Brandy

April 4, 2007 at 7:44 am

My Moms neuroMD is Dr.Maria Alexianu MD,PhD Clinical Asst.Prof Depmnt Neurology NYU, another practice in Summit NJ.[url][/url] . Since I live 2 hours away and I have a neuro nurse sister in Dallas we communicate via email w/Dr.Maria,or I catch her when Im visitng Mom.My mom likes her and wont entertain another MD, I wanted another opinion. My mother is from Ireland where you question nothing! We are awating muscle +nerve biopsy results,should be in today.I will find out all mecications she is on as well. The staff has been getting her out of bed for 5-6 hours a day since the blood clots are stable[??] I would be interested in other neuros just to contact. Mom is located in Summit/Overlook hospital and lives in Mountainside NJ. Thanks for feedback, Ann