Regression after PE and transfer to rehab

June 25, 2007 at 12:27 pm

My daughter (33 yrs old with a 20 month old baby and a 39 yr old husband) is also in a rehab hospital in Minnealoplis area. She’s been hospitalized since May 11, 2007 with GBS (we think so far). She is vented, so is likely in a different hospital than your wife Sarah. Similar to your wife, however, my daughter also had regression which raised lots of questions in my mind. She also had plamsapheresis (10) but no IVIG. Regression occurred within days of her move to the rehab place.

What are the neurologists’ names working with your wife? My daughter was at North Memorial initially in acute ICU and had Dr. Mack as her primary neurologist; Dr. Germino as pulmonologist; and Dr. Vollar as intensivist. I live 6 hrs. away so am unfamiliar with quality of any health care/provider in the Twin Cities area. I don’t even know who my daughter’s doctors are now at this long-term acute care rehab hospital. I hardly ever hear about them and since I live so far from her, I have even less of a chance of seeing them.

Besides input on doctors, I’d like to read the GBS-TRF article you stumbled across.

I’ll be in the Twin Cities visitng my daughter from June 28-July1.

Chris, I’m sorry I don’t have any answers for you. Lots of sympathy, empathy, and support going out to you though.