Reflexes gone

February 4, 2010 at 7:06 pm

From my understanding since the myelin sheaths are injured due to the auto immune attach from GBS that nerves cannot transmit signals efficiently, therefore the muscles and reflexes don’t work as they did. In theory as the sheaths heal the nerves “should” transmit signals as they did before.

For me, I was diagnosed with GBS 2/9/2009, at this time my reflexes are gone. My last EMG showed improvement to the nerves in my upper body and my lower has shown no improvements.

Our common thread in my humble opinion is this horrible disorder, each of our recoveries will be different because each of us will react differently and heal differently. But I hope someday we all can be back to the way we were before we got sick!!!!

GBS 2/9/2009
IGIV Treatment