Reactions are mostly due to

August 11, 2008 at 5:51 pm

quality of IG product, how that is handled[the last batch I’d gotten delivered to my home had ice crystals in it?-got another non-icy batch that nite] and most importantly – HOW it is DELIVERED into YOU! That means rate. All three of these aspects are very key to getting a safe product and then into you safely.

As for ‘improvements’? Gee at 20g I really can’t say-does sound stingy to me…I get soo much more than most it does truly make me feel guilty, but when I get IT I feel usually so much better and can make it thru the next few weeks till the next one. Some s/e’s rite after, but, in the long run? Well worth it!

It truly sounds as if your doc is not only being conservative, but ultra-super-conservative in his dosing…Maybe he is aware of what the ‘allocations’ some reps on cafepharma speak of? I really don’t think so tho- it all sounds like lots of blather there. I do know that in one instance where my own pharmacy ran short..they traded off stuffs with another area pharm. to get what I needed. So THAT should not be an issue-with a good pharmacy supplier. Once you are IN to the IVIG acceptance mill…well you are IN! The rest of the haggling will be between your docs’ office and the insurance company. Seems like some docs have access w/no problems to the stuff and others? well… I guess it’s a dark doctor practice secret or something. I don’t want to know nor should I have reason to rite now. I hope that won’t be an issue for you EVER for sure!

Just be quiet now and then now and ‘listen’ to your body…it mite just be telling you that some very subtle things might be different. For some, like me, the changes were noticable right off; for others it takes several times to get to ‘kick in’. It is usually teeny things? Like your toes don’t feel as if they are curling up quite as much or that you suddenly find yourself not listing one way quite as much as you walk…you will know what I mean if/when it happens. And I sure hope it does and soon!

I have to ask tho – home ‘nurses’???more than one? Is that because of past reactions?

Just some hopeful hugs that things mite even SEEM better if not really? Be careful about sorting all out. But, still – you are IN the mill and it can only get better! That is the way I’ll be hoping for you!