Re: Understood Bubbleboy

June 19, 2007 at 11:34 am

I can certainly understand what you’re going through. I had convinced myself it was in my head or it came from walking on concrete, past injuries etc. After developing foot drop on my left foot followed by my right, I finally went to my GP doctor. The neuropathy (as you know) was the worst. I felt like the target in a blind knife throwing act! The pains come on quick enough to literally scare the hell out of me. I went from my GP to the local Neurologist to the head of Neurology at Ohio State University and received the diagnosis of CIDP. Since then, I’ve pretty much been through it all. MRI’s, nerve conduction and velocity tests (those suck), bloodwork and the most recent “fix” IVig. I’d hate to scare anyone away from treatment but the IVig treatments left me with migraines, nausea and of course, dehydration. All and all, I have a good team of Dr’s. including a pain management Neurologist. My current Rx list consists of painkillers and Lyrica which works very well for me.

I was fired from my job almost a year ago due to my health. Just a guess but I believe this is illegal, at least rude? I was left to apply for SSDI which I’m happy to say, went right through. 3 months from application to approval which in Ohio, is some kind of record. I did a great deal of the prep work for the social security office and I cannot stress enough how important this is (in case anyone here doesn’t know). I’d say the main point is the treatments, IVig leaves me unable to do much of anything for four or five days. There isn’t many employers that will tolerate you being of work that long and then do it again 21 days later. It’s like asking for 13 – 15 weeks of vacation every year. I keep being asked about depression and I can safely say, I don’t have it. I bought an old golf cart and fixed it up nice so I can at least get out and run around.

Hang in there, believe it or not, there’s hope. If you’re not satisfied with the healthcare you have, see another doctor, or two! If nothing else they (the doctors) will help you understand there is a physical problem and it AIN’T in you head. Feel free to contact me, I’ll give you my email if you like. As an old hunter I can tell you, the best places to go don’t have a road or even a trail, you have to make it yourself…Dughy