Re: GBS in a teen

June 13, 2006 at 8:01 pm

Hi! Sounds like your son is making progress! I imagine though emotionally you feel like your going thru alot. My daughter was diagnosed with GBS in December at the age of 16. My daughter had a cold that seemed to be wearing her down, then one morning she could no longer feed herself and walk without help. She had some difficulty the day before but they said it was probably from Mono. She never had to be placed on the ventilator but she did have some trouble with swollowing and breathing. She unable to walk or lift her arms. We are now 6 months into it and she is able to walk without her wheelchair and making a remarkable recovery. But it is just as hard on the parent. She only had Plasmapheresis. Its a slow recovery. We were overseas and unable to do hospital rehab…we did alot of at home care and physical therapy. But with the help of a positive attitude from friends and family, patience and support we’ve came so far. This sight really helped me understand alot of what happens, not to feel so alone during the hard times and have an idea of what goes on. if you ever need to just email to talk or any questions I am here for you. My husband was gone at the time she was sick and not many people know alot about this so this sight has been my support. Again feel free to email me anytime…Susan