Rate and dosage

May 12, 2010 at 12:07 pm

[QUOTE=Jethro]Dear laurel,
Privigen is a 10% concentration…this means if your husband gets 120 grams, there is 1200 ML of IVIg to be infused.

I still can not understand the amount of grams for 240 lbs. Nevertheless, he probably gets 600mg each day, and at an infusion rate at 72 ML/hr the first hour, then 320 ML/hr for the balance, it probably takes about 2hrs and 40min for each day’s infusion.

Warmest regards.

Jethro your calculation is dead on. He is through in about 3 hours due to delays getting set up etc. He loves the Privigin as they can run it through so much quicker, but when he came home from his treatment yesterday he commented he is the only patient that has wanted to take his rate up that high. Maybe we are flirting with problems to push it that high even though the manufacture’s limits are being followed. I think I will talk to hubby about getting them to keep it slower. Thanks for your input. I thought l Gram per kilo was pretty standard?