"But You Look So Good!"

September 19, 2009 at 4:28 pm

Thisweek, wen I wast my last Hopkins Appt, I picked up the MS Society w the above Title- Jumped right out at me!!!

Amy, I’m 6’3″ weigh 215#’s, have a full head of hair (at 47) band can still walk (not fast, or well, but I can;-)

I am in constant fear of someone acusing meof “trying to beat the ystem” but, God’s Honest Truth, I coud lift hundreds of pounds, once, noI cannot lift my 53# daughter?

I’m not sure my Dr even “gets it”, (And he’s KNOWN for CIDP Treatment?!) But, botom Line; Yo do wat you can, you inform peopl you think might spread awareness, and youtake it a Day at a Time. I often joke saying “That’s what happened, I tried taking it 3 days t a time, and, now, I’m all out of sync”.

Comngup w analogis has helped me; It’s like a frayed extention cord in a mud puddle, won’t carry a charge, or, It’s like running your Toaster Oven on a 100′ Ext Cord, blows th breaker, or “My Dr told me to throw away the Christmas Tree, the lights are worn out. People get the picture, o rthey’re not worth it!

But, on that thread- What if your DOCTOR keps tellng you- “You are doing great! You’ll get back, give it time, You’re Strong!” Yet the circles seem to be tightening- what do U do then?

Anyway, Amy, hang in there! One stumble, at a time!