questions Sara

September 3, 2008 at 2:37 pm

Hi Sara-welcome to the family. Am late posting my hi, because my computer has been down for 2 weeks. Not knowing what’s going on leads to those anxiety attacks and so does acute pain.

Have a few questions-justing filling in the blanks. Did you get an ivig treatment at all? Quick treatment for the shingles? And anything for the acute neuropathy pain and for the anxiety attacks? I am not here to push meds for everything. Aqua therapy, messages, just walking out back and screaming or taking a short walk, whatever you can take and deep breathe. For me stress increases my pain and sometimes get anxious even after 8 years of having cidp. And you should not have to suffer.

Please ask any questions and feel free to PM me anytime-just click on my name top left and send me a private message.

Again, welcome to the wonderful family; someone is always around to visit with.