March 2, 2007 at 11:08 am

Hi Cd,
My name is Dawn, and my son Kevin 10yrs. old was diagnosed w/CIDP in 10/06. One 5 day cousrs of IVIG was given, miraculous results by third treatment. Progress was so spectacular drs. were contemplating changing the dx. to aidp (also known as gbs) anyway in the last week we have noticed some tiredness and maybe some weekness. Currently we are going to try rest, better bed times etc. to see if he is just over doing it and these are in fact residuals of aidp or cidp occuring again therefore necessitating ivig. You seem to be on the same page as me regarding your knowledge of the illness (after reading your post to the newly dx person you wrote to today) I was wondering if you could phone me and answer some questions based on your experience and knowledge. The confusion and uncertainty make this a very unbearable illness for a parent. Thanks,