October 14, 2008 at 1:24 am

Throughout the months of crisis, the urgency of making my final preparations was a motivating factor to fight for life. I did not want to die without getting all my paperwork and finances in order for my family, and for that I needed time and enough healing to think straight and get everything ready.

What kept me going was the knowledge that I am already surviving much worse things than the paralysis and pain and damage of GBS. I know that I will survive this too if God helps me. Every day, I tell God that I have decided to live, and so far He has granted me life.

I think of my children and I want to be here for them on this earth. I think of my 2 beautiful and wonderful little grandchildren and find great joy and comfort. I think of the work that God still wants me to do during my lifetime. I think of certain personal purposes and promises which I still need to fulfill. Each day that God grants me is another day to live with everything I’ve still got, and to fulfill my life’s purpose.