Pt Very Important

May 1, 2007 at 9:15 am

Yah Pt Is Very Imp And We Should Not Quit It At Any Cost. But Slow And Steady Wins The Race The Same Thing Applies Heare Also. Now The Stage Ur Is Like A Child Who Learns From The Beginning. So Dont Worry And Dont Get Panic Most Of Ur Will Power Helps U To Retain Ur Strength. As Per My Experience I Used To Do The Therepy First And Then Go For The Hot Bath Which Releives Me From The Pains. Pains Are A Part Of Our Life Now Which Stays For A Long Time. But Do The Pt For Each And Every Part Of The Body With Out Fail. Take Ur Medicine S And Do The Pt, Dont Loose Ur Heart. Thats The Right Way To Lead Ur Life.