PT Evals

July 27, 2006 at 5:22 pm

Marc seems to have hit on a very important phase of ones therapy — now in my 30th month of recovery I am at a outpatient rehab unit 4 days a week (M-T) with Friday off as well as the weekend -pool-OT-PT keep me very occupied each morning — my PT folks change slightly -2 different pool people who work as a team but have different styles ,a big plus in my case. They both challenge me in very different ways however we all are working towards the same goals . My “land” PT is the same person and I have dicovered that he is less apt to move onto different concepts unless pushed — My feeling is that he sometime is less apt to change the program as he has become more comfortable operating in what for him now is a safer zone . It became very obvious when on a few occasions he was not there and other PTs took over pushing me in different directions and upping the “ante” so to speak . As all the activity is documented he saw what had been done and started to include these excercises in his/my program.. As I was unaware of all the different approaches I have now become far more pro-active in asking for new/different approaches to increase my strength.
Currently — working sit/stand — once standing (in walker) can navigate in the house 1500-2000 feet -starting to do step-up to a 6″ step (Still very difficult) in the pool can do steps from 4′-31/2-3″ (balance still difficult )
One I believe has to be constantly aware of his/hers current ability and then do ones best to move to another level — even if it means dragging your PT/OT person along . So much I have come to believe is focusing, focusing and more focusing —

Hope this relates to Marcs’ original thread.

Robert L ..