Preparing for Drs’ appointments

April 3, 2011 at 10:37 am

Ms. Judy- Thanks for your kind words. The beauty and benefit of this forum is for anyone to share and learn whatever they can.

I did, in fact, drive right through St. Louis on my way to and from Mayo Clinic.

What I do for my doctor’s appointments is to prepare a written list. For this situation I would research two things-

1. Find out which Chemo treatments for CIDP are most often mentioned as helpful on this forum.

2. Go to the link emily’s_mom gave us for Dr. Lewis.

One of those tabs has a treatment options sections. I would write down all of those treatments.


Unfortunately, his entire article has changed appearance, and worse, treatment contents. sigh, how sad! the moral- if you find a page you like you better copy it and save it. At least the article still has a list of meds.

Then, combine those two lists from a Chemo prospective and then make a list of questions for the Chemo meeting. In fact, make two identical lists. That way you hold one copy and hand the other copy to the doctor. Then you both see, at the same time, what you want to discuss.