prednisone and ivig combination

August 12, 2010 at 10:17 pm

no i was diagnosed with voltage gated potassium antibodies–(auto-immune)i had been doing just the ivig for 1 year 2 gm per lb–(loading dose) every 3 months. the cidp did not worsen but has not significantly improved at all, the antibody % went from 14% to 17% after a year of ivig–thats not really a big difference so basically stayed the same. it was at my suggestion that she began the steroids–i thought they might speed the healing process. the ivig alone seems to be taking forever!!! i feel like im missing out on my life, really want to be able to run again, to ski, to travel and be able to comfortably walk and hike places while traveling. with the steroids we are also stepping up the ivig to every 10 weeks for the rest of this year. its hard with a full time job and 3 kids but i really am hoping to beat this thing and get back on with life!! i read so many inspiring stories on here–they’re great–love hearing what has worked and hasn’t worked for others–its one way we can help each other. when doctors hear that it has worked for others with similar symptoms i think they are more apt to try things. i read from a few different people that the pred/ivig waw successful together.