Prayers for you

December 3, 2007 at 4:30 pm

Hi Stacey, So hope that your Mom improves. I am her age and not anywhere close to all her illnesses. All I can tell you is keep in close touch, even if she is foggy. Maybe a call if you cant see her in person. Take her lots of drawings from Connor and hang them where you can. I lost my Mom to cancer 28 years ago and still miss her daily.
Husbands are so annoying sometimes, but they barely understand. When I was in the hospital 16 days, it finally hit Larry. He is a wonderful caretaker, took over the cooking, plus he has loads of outdoor work. My two daughters live within minutes of us, but dont see much of them, they are so busy with work and their socializing. A phone call or email is so appreciated. They do not understand this, and they think I am lazy because I quit walking (maybe right).
So Stacey, dont let yourself get too down. Cymbalta helps me so much The nurses were amazed when my doctor informed me my ankle was broken last summer and I came out of the office smiling. Dont be ashamed to have an antidepressant help you. Keep with the AFO’s!!!!!
How is you snow, we couldnt get in touch with Larry’s sister down there. We are iced in, even the wild turkeys are having trouble walking
A hint for a wonderful Christmas book for Connor if you can find it. It is simply “The Santa Claus Book” amazon is sold out.
Keep resting and take care. Regina