Prayer and IVIG works!

August 14, 2006 at 11:58 am

Nancy, he’s lucky tho have a group of people supporting him. The neurologist should have him on IVIG by now. Every hour delayed is more damage done to his nerves. The pain is hard to describe. Do you ever wake up with a really bad foot cramp? I would describe the pain I felt as being like that, but in every muscle below the hip simultaneously, for DAYS on end. And yes, his feet and legs will be very sensitive to touch. I hope they keep him on some good painkillers. I didn’t sleep for 7 days straight, and really hallucinated from the pain and sleep deprivation. I saw Dr. Elvis stick his head in my door, had Jimmy Buffett doing a live show in the hall, that sort of thing. Demerol didn’t even faze the pain, but morphine worked ok in large doses.

With IVIG, he should stabilize within a week or two, and then he can start with very mild physical therapy, like having a therapist flex his feet and leg joints. From there, the therapists will gradually try to restore strength in his limbs so he can eventually (weeks? months?) progress to walking in a pool, then with a walker, and then on his own. At age 17, he should recover very quickly.

I had it at age 31 and I was paralyzed 100% in the legs and 95% in my arms for about a week, but no ventilator. I spent 5 days undiagnosed, then 14 days in ICU, then 14 more in a rehab hospital. After another month of outpatient rehab 3X/week, I had some more IVIG treatments, and was back to work full-time after 2 1/2 months total.

Just keep praying for him, because prayer WORKS. Without it, it would have taken me a much, much longer to recover. With my family, church, and friends praying for me (and a sharp neurologist), I was diagnosed Labor Day weekend, and was back at work full-time before Christmas.

Just hang in there with him, and let us know how he’s doing.