September 4, 2008 at 1:12 pm

Jamie, I prayed for your cousin and her friend, but I have to let go of some anger towards the BF. 😡

Emma, glad to have you back online and thanks for the support. I have a friend whose daughter went through lymphoma as a child (she was married earlier this year). 🙂 Prayed for Mollie and her family.

Dawn, prayed for Cheryl (God knows what she needs and can meet it).

I guess we need to focus our weather prayers towards the eastern seaboard now (3 storms lined up).

Personal request: My tingling and numbness began getting worse again 6 days ago. My motor function in my fingers began declining again 3 days ago. My PEs seem to be wearing off. I am supposed to have a “booster” PE scheduled for tomorrow morning.

I go see the neurologist tomorrow afternoon and will discuss additional treatment (press for the IVIG) at that time.

Would appreciate prayers: to get the PE booster and that it would stop the decline again; wisdom and skills of the neuro for further treatments (IVIG?), peace again for my wife Wendy.

God’s richest blessings for you all, Gary