PP is more expensive, isn’t it??

April 9, 2010 at 1:18 am

When I saw that I was getting my GBS again..20 years later..(so much for RARE instance)..I called the local hospital and talked to the Director of the Hematology Dept and he told me they did not do Plasmapharesis….he lead me to believe that the PP is more expensive than IVIG … they did not do it at that hospital… I would have to go to a larger city. So it was my impression that it had more to do with money…and the hospital…the luck of the draw…..I was looking for plasmaparesis….but the ER doctor said they would not do it if I could still hold a cup….as I said in a previous email….so I realized they did not know what they were talking about..it is supposed to STOP the progression of the GBS….now why would they want to wait til I got worse…wasn’t the inability to walk enough?? So in that instance, having had it before, I had 20 years to study it and know what was ahead and what was needed.