April 14, 2009 at 3:26 am

Sorry, forgot to answer all your questions. I was told that PP can’t run through a port because it is too much volume & pressure. A graph is larger tubing than that used in a port. As far as why I have both, the port is simpler to use for IVIG. It requires a smaller needle & when I’m done, the needle is just disconnected & a gauze is taped over it. When the graph is accessed, it uses large needles used for dialysis & when it is deaccessed, I have to sit and hold pressure on it for around 10 minutes to ensure it is sealed. Otherwise, I get like a sprinkler system effect of blood pouring out…LOL As far as your other question…what type of port…I’m not sure. I think they called it a portacath, but I can’t say that’s positively what it is. I do know it isn’t a powerport & I’ve never had a problem. I just access it once a week & it keeps working. The port was placed in 2006. Hope that helps!

How long have you had your gortex graph? This is another area I am finding my doctor is apparantely not up to speed. He told me this type graph would not work long term for PP as they tend to clot. Have you had any such problems? Can they not do PP and IVIG through the port or the graph? Would like to know why you need both. What type port do you have?