August 6, 2008 at 12:39 pm

Hi Eric,
It has been an interesting and wild ride over the years. Some good, some pretty rotten, but it is what it is and I enjoy the good and try not to worry about the bad as it doesn’t help. Being an x scholarship football player, the initial adjustments were extremely difficult, but with time I found life much better for me and everyone around me to be much better if I just play the hand as dealt and look for the good or up turns when they come. I have also learned moderation when the good times show up, and am careful not to try to do to much at one time, because when I do, I pay for it over the next several days.

I am afraid the new treatment protacol I have been trying may end this month as I was just notified by my neuro that Biogen has reported 2 new PML cases in users of Tysabri. Needless to say, I am very disappointed because I was holding out hope that “this may be the one” for me, despite no signs of change after the first 4 infusions. Guess it wasn’t to be, so I’ll go back to PE and solumedrol. I will try to get my doc to continue the IVIG with the PE for the next two months to see if that combination helps improve my leg strength and balance. Just another bump in the road, so we”ll keep on trying.
Hope this finds you better and improving. Never give up, because you never know when something good will happen.