Please? Tell the docs?????

September 5, 2010 at 7:04 pm

Why? Because something ‘should’ be improving with this ‘combo’ and it’s not. Do keep detailed day by day records of good bad and deteriorating issues in terms of simple life things going on! That way you can say to the doc: Eating is hard, because holding spoons or forks are a challenge; or just getting up and to the bathroom in time etc is an ‘adventure’ [insert details here] and showering…. requires a 30 minute nap before I can get dressed.
Sooo, say after treatments? Showers only need a 20 minute nap? that’s good… get my drift? Docs NEED some facts of LIFE to go on and by.
Each doc has different training and background about HOW much of WHAT to give and when… Give the doc your cause/effect facts to help him help you!
Good hope and heart from one who’s been there!