Please consider continuing for a while?

March 10, 2011 at 9:28 pm

First off, when you make your next neuro appt? Be sure to state that you have many questions to discuss that mite extend beyond the normal ‘short office visit’ – so the doc sets aside time to talk to you. Bring a friend or spouse with you to listen to both your questions and the docs’ answers. I’ve found that w/some types of docs? Having someone ELSE there makes them pay more attention, and avoid the phone calls and other distractions. It lets that doc know you mean business and have questions. Further? What YOU hear may not be what is SAID? Ergo, another person can help you get clear all you’ve HEARD.
Usually, insurances allow a trial period of IVIG for 3-6 months and evaluate any results after that time frame to ‘assess’ if therapy is worth continuing.
Truthfully? You got diagnosed and treated SOO FAST! Tell your doc he mite have set a ‘speed record’ for CIDP! CONGRATULATIONS!
Make it clear, that while she is the expert? She’s not educating YOU the patient, therefore doing both of you a disservice. At times such as these, a #2 doc is often the better choice? Less impressed with self and more eager to learn from YOU the patient! Any doctor that cannot spend time explaining a few ?’s to ease you and your treatment is a foolish one IMHO. I come into any appt w/a note pad with no less than 3 and more than 10 questions.. IF I get out w/ 3 answers? I’m doing good! I get a lot of ‘get back to you’s’ but am never gotten back yet on… That’s ok, the biggies are addressed. Chip away at these questions when and as often as you can…and expect the proverbial “I don’t know” often. Because they DON’T know! Scary but true in many aspects. That a doc is honest enough to say they ‘don’t know’? Is fairly honest.
Glad you got diagnosed, hope you keep working on the IVIG, it did wonders for me and still does! And don’t be a doormat about your treatment and questions! Feel better soon. Truly!