plasma pheresis will make a huge difference

October 26, 2006 at 1:45 pm

Your cousin is very lucky to have you. Your encourgement, smiles, and hugs will help see her through. I was very glad the doctors began plasma pheresis. I’ve had 106 of these; they work miracles. IVIG did not work for me and actually made my liver upset. It also gave me tremendous headaches.

The number one thing that blessed me while I was in the hospital was when people looked after my family. There wasn’t much they could do for me, other than pray and offer encourgement. However, some friends from church provided dinners for my family (they continued for two months when I arrived home), rides to and from school for my children, play dates to help my children get the fact that mom was in the hospital, etc. off of their minds. Anything you do for your cousin’s son, as well as husband, will bless her greatly.

Take Care.