Perhaps these supplements will help

January 1, 2007 at 12:46 am

I have studied wholistic health for 30 years. I seem to have avoided the bad pain and did not need neurontin. I think this might be from my supplements. I take a 100 mg B-complex capsule 4 times a day. I take 2 grams of vitamin C in capsule form five or six times a day. I am absorbing all of it or else you get bowel intolerance. I am sure there are those that would say this is too much, but even Linus Pauling suggested 10 grams when you are healthy and more if you are fighting off a cold. WHen I tried going off of it for a 24 hour urine test, I felt like I was run over by a truck. It’s just a suggestion. I am not a doctor.
You are so lucky you have a mom to help you. My mom got arthritis in her hands from watching me get sick when I got this 20 years ago. It left her hands when I got better. Now that I have gotten GBS again 4 months ago, it is a lot harder. I am older, my mom has died, and my friends either won’t help or help minimally. Although I am getting stronger, I still cannot walk. I find that after 3 months of waiting for the body to repair itself and living alone, it is so frustrating. And those that say hang in there…..that’s easy for them to say. You are young, Jorge, so that will help….and you have a support group.