PCR Tests

April 8, 2010 at 9:40 pm

Hi –
After talking with many of you this week, and sharing LJ’s story (got CIDP at 3 yrs of age after having cocksackie virus 3 weeks prior) I’ve been scared to stop the monthly IVIG treatments like dr wanted to do this month. We got lucky Dr Finkel at CHOPs had a cancellation tomorrow and we are heading to see him to evaluate LJ again and give us a 2nd opinion on treatments. He has been recommended by the foundation as a dr who has worked with pediatric CIDP before and was so much more detailed than our neuro. I am going to share these notes on PCR tests and ask him to run one on LJ to see if he might have similar traces related to the cocksackie virus he had in June 09, 3 weeks before coming down with syptoms of the CIDP.
I’ll keep you all posted as well.
Since connecting with you all this week, I feel SOOOO much better and blessed to have your thoughts and prayers and experience. We don’t feel alone anymore!