Paul, the only way you mite

September 1, 2007 at 11:00 pm

find out is to be tested for all sorts of various obtuse ‘things’. I say this because I too had a problem vision-wise about a year after my onset that got progressively worse but after 6 months abated [mostly]. Interestingly tho, about 2 months BEFORE my onset, my vision changed dramatically in about three different directions. Lenses I’d ordered did not work after one week of being in my frames…they were a big change and I changed back to the old lenses then to a different number a year later.
I did not have vision loss as you have had, but it has been reported in many medical research papers regarding all sorts of neuropathies, mostly diabetic.
I was lucky enuf to find and see a ‘neuro-opthomologist’ in my area. Finding such doctors is hard as they are either listed as only neuro’s or opths’ in the directories…you really have to ask around [I got the n/o’s name from my optomitrist] and he passed muster when I webbed up his credentials. Not only did he review all that my neuros had tested me for to diagnose the CIDP, but went a step further to check out everything, and I mean EVERYTHING that could either be vascular or migraine[something I never thot I had a problem with] issues and even sent me for testings and opinions from other specialists. The out come of it all was for me, diagnosis of a ‘non-aura migraine’ type of ‘event’. No treatments changed as my problem did not get worse. It was definitely scary during the interim.
Ironically, I had had cataracts at a somewhat early age and surgery/implants done over 15 years ago now, so I know the two are not related. But I do have scar tissue on the eye from the surgery…
IF you can find a neuro-o…it certainly couldn’t hurt to get an extra opinion – just to knock a few more tests off your list, so to speak. If you can afford it.
It’s truly a bad deal when vision is affected and you have the sensory issues as well, as the eyes work so hard to help you with where you are in time and space. Not really knowing where you are putting your foot is an adventure none of us want to experience! But we do every day.
I could probably find sources for you or anyone if you wish…I’m not good at ‘cutting and pasting’ as many here are. PM me if you want me to dig up what I’d read.
I hope this helps.