Part of Hurricane Floyd

July 30, 2008 at 5:04 am

Hi! My area was flooded really bad when Hurricane Floyd. It’s hard to tell what has happened to your husband. I know with Hurricane Floyd that many died of cancer after that flood. Some even got sick very bad that caused death from their illness.
Your husband was exposed to many nasty things during that flood. Many chemical exposures and alot of bacteria floating around. I never had asthma and after that flood I developed asthma. His immune system also has alot to do with it. Even the vaccines might have caused problems.
I will keep your husband on my prayer list and hope that John Hopkins can figure him out and get him well again!
I just wonder what the Mississippi flood is going to do with all the residents there! So sorry to hear about your husband. I do hope they can find out what has happened and get him well again!