Pain is Pain is Pain

June 23, 2006 at 9:07 pm

I like your a honesty. I try to do that. My neuro asked me if I am still taking zocar (for my stroke 6 mo ago) I told it makes me very sick. And that I am not looking for a couple more years in my life, but i want to be as comfortable as possible so I can enjoy it. My neuro smiled (a real one) and we were in agreement.

Then I saw my primary and he asked the same question. I answered the same. I don’t want to be sick, not hooked up with tubes, machines, etc. I worked in a hospital for years and saw some horrible hideus things. A man with contracted elbows, no legs, no hips. I don’t know who was trying to keep him alive–he had IVs. But that was in the 70s which was when patients desires were second to the doctor’s; “duty” so KEEP HIM ALIVE. At all costs. And that was usually high. Excuse the pun. I am very sincere about this. I have given all my doctors a copy of my living will

People will disagree with this but what is that for? It’s me and my life and my choices.