March 3, 2007 at 12:17 pm

My doctor wants me to try cymbolta, but after seeing my sister on it , I’m afraid to be like her she wanders around the house half naked and can’t seem to get started at all!! Maybe shes abusing other drugs , I’m trying to be real carefull and not become a drugged Idoit , My wife is younger and we just got back from taking the grandkids to Disney I thought I was going to die from fatique, She got mad and got me a transport and that helped, I guess I’m in denial shes very if you need help just use it and stop feeling sorry for yourself. She wants to demand a Pain Management doctor and have someone fiqure out what I need.. I do not want to make my main doctor mad. She thinks I need to just fight for Pain relief. We are going to the Grand Canyon this summer , we are not riding the mules ( thank God) but we are touring Mesa Verde and alcoma and then Tombstone so I need to get help for the Pain Soon.. My wife wants to get all our travelling that demands walking done while I can still get around as she says Disneyland and other areas are wheel chair an electric cart friendly.