Pace yourselves / swim / yoga / massage

November 13, 2006 at 1:28 am

As a 32-year post GBS’r I’ve learned the hard way to pace myself, take shortcuts in daily activities of living, get help, and to use water, yoga, and massage as a way around the pain, cramps, throbbing and numbness you describe. Resting intermittently during use of my muscles really makes a difference. Learning to pay attention to ergonomics, does too. The MS Society has produced an adaptive yoga tape (routine), by Eric Small, in Los Angeles. I recommend his therapy because you support the weight of limbs with pillows while moving through full range of motion exercises that are gentle enough to be therapudic but not too stressful to cause more pain, weakness, or cramping. Feldenkrais tapes will help learn where individual muscles in muscle groups reaches it’s peak without pushing it over the top into a pain cycle. Best wishes.